CoreLift™ is a novel Canadian equipment provider for modern core logging facilities based in Sudbury, Ontario.

Our Vision

We provide operational expertise as well as robust, innovative equipment to go from core shack (who wants to work in a shack?) to modernized core processing facilities. Our goal is to continue to innovate with products that dramatically remove risks of repetitive strain injuries and improve workflow for core logging personnel. Our certified engineered products are robust, durable and manufactured with the highest quality components. It’s why all our products come with a standard 3 year comprehensive warranty.

The company was started in 2022 when we were designing core processing facilities/workflows and could not find ergonomic, productive equipment. We studied injuries in the core logging workflow with major mining companies and saw that change was needed. Core logging “benches” had been the same for the last 50 years. So we designed the fully adjustable core logging table because we believe there is a better way to handle core where physical diversity is welcomed.

CoreLift™ Products


Why "Safety First"?

Because in mining, it comes first.
Safety first In our operations.
Safety first in our products.
And safety first means putting the person first.

What warranty do we offer?

All our products come with a 3 year standard warranty.

What is the installation process after purchase?

Our equipment can be shipped pre built or in components with site install by our certified technicians.

What about maintenance support?

We have a comprehensive maintenance program which involves quarterly check-ins and a full annual maintenance on all the equipment including load testing on the electronic components.

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