Meet The Team


Eric Maag leads CoreLift™, a Canadian corporation providing ergonomic mining equipment for core processing facilities. He earned a Bachelor of Commerce (1994) in Marketing and Management from the John Molson School of Business (Concordia University – Canada). With over twenty years’ experience in a variety of business leadership roles related to the mining industry, Eric brings a broad range of technical knowledge and connections with the national and international mining community. With a focus on safety, ergonomics and productivity, Eric is passionate about improving the mineral exploration and mining industry one core logging facility at a time.


Giannina is the business development manager at CoreLift™. As an international business specialist, she has a pivotal role in driving growth and expanding our client base. She is responsible for building client relationships, managing sales processes and driving market strategies.

Giannina is a graduate from Cambrian College in International Business Management (Canada) with a Bachelor in Translation from the University of Concepcion (Chile). She speaks fluent Spanish, English and French and is an experienced business professional with over 12 years in the South American Market, with a background in heavy lift equipment and port solutions for the mining, engineering and construction industry.


Aakash Aravind is CoreLift’s product lead. His role includes product development, engineering design, and project management. Aakash is also responsible for the installation and maintenance team. His strong work ethic and his passion towards developing new equipment for core logging facilities are valuable traits that have assisted the CoreLift™ equipment brand to develop. Aakash is a graduate from Laurentian University (Canada) with a master’s degree in mechanical and mining engineering and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Kerala (India). He has experience in mechanical, structural, and piping engineering fields with international industrial work in Canada, India and Kuwait. valuable traits that have assisted the CoreLift equipment brand.


Marc Turgeon is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario with over 15 years in the mining sector. He holds a degree in aerospace engineering from Carleton University (Canada). Marc began his career designing and building small robotic vehicles used for remotely operated vehicles in the mining industry. He transitioned to designing large mobile equipment for the mining industry such as scissor lifts, crane trucks, shotcrete haulers and sprayers. As chief engineer for CoreLift™, Marc oversees our products’ designs, plans, and drawings and assists in finding innovative solutions for modern core processing facility equipment.


Debapriya Chatterjee is a marketing specialist and office manager at CoreLift™. She provides marketing, project coordination, research and reporting support, bookkeeping and administration. Her hard-working, hands-on, pragmatic approach assists CoreLift in operating smoothly. She specializes in developing digital marketing campaigns and marketing collaterals for the CoreLift suite of products. Debapriya is a graduate from Cambrian College in International Business and Supply Chain Management (Canada) with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calcutta (India). She has prior work experience in retail, accounting, vendor data management, and logistics.


Manmeet Duggal is an expert in IT infrastructure setup, policy implementation, and website hosting. He is a graduate with a post-graduate degree in IT business analysis from Cambrian College (Canada). He contributes to ensuring streamlined IT operations and a smooth, collaborative work environment at CoreLift™, leveraging his expertise in maintaining efficient processes and fostering effective collaboration.


Maureen McGuinness is an advisory board member and a director of CoreLift™. She has considerable experience working in mining and milling, and is a global leader in paste backfill design and operations. Maureen is a director in Paterson & Cooke’s Sudbury, Ontario practice and a director of Paterson & Cooke Canada Inc. She is bilingual (English/French), and a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario and Quebec. As part of the advisory board for CoreLift, she supports the team on corporate strategy as well as guidance around legal, financial, and operational responsibilities.