The Pallet Lifter - Moving Core Boxes Efficiently and Safely

Pallet Lifter

Our pallet lifters are made specifically for core boxes, allowing them to be easily moved and transferred to the “bench” or CoreLift table. It features a low profile and easy foot pedal operation and operates from a standard 120v plug. It has an adjustable platform height as low as 8’’ (21 cm) for improved ergonomics. Safety features include adjustable maximum height, internal safety velocity fuse, water resistant, and sealed dual hydraulics.


Adjustable platform height as low as 8’’ (21 cm).

Optional features such as centering platform, rotating platform, material handling chassis, purity oil, protective curtain.

Maximum rated capacity 5000 lbs (2270kg), test loaded to 125% capacity.

All our equipment are water resistant with all electrical components UL / CSA – ESA certified.

All our products are built in Canada with 3-year warranty.

Use a pallet lifter instead of stacking wood pallets.


Why "Safety First"?

Because in mining, it comes first.
Safety first In our operations.
Safety first in our products.
And safety first means putting the person first.

What warranty do we offer?

All our products come with a 3 year standard warranty.

What is the installation process after purchase?

Our equipment can be shipped pre built or in components with site install by our certified technicians.

What about maintenance support?

We have a comprehensive maintenance program which involves quarterly check-ins and a full annual maintenance on all the equipment including load testing on the electronic components.